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Slash Your Advertising Costs With Expertly Managed Campaigns

Properly Managing a Paid Advertising Account is Not a Part-Time Job

Our seamless, digital marketing “one-stop-shop” concept saves you time and money — and spares you the waste of needless redundancy — so you can get more customers faster and with far greater peace of mind.

Successful Google Ads Campaigns Require Close Attention from an Industry Expert!

Otherwise, you will burn your money very quickly, with little to no results.

Google Ads give you the opportunity to pay for top positions on Google Search Results and appear on relevant partner websites. This PPC marketing method delivers instant traffic to your website and nicely stands alone or complements a long-term SEO campaign.

Riptide SEO offers complete Google Ads Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign services for Small Businesses who want to truly maximize your ROI for every ad dollar spent.

Whether you need us to develop and manage a brand-new campaign from scratch, or overhaul an existing Google Ads account so that it brings you better results, we can help.

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Riptide SEOâ„¢ is The Best Choice for Exceptional Google Ads Management

Your Bottom Line is Our #1 Priority

As a Certified Google Partner, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your Google Ads account is properly set-up and managed according to Google’s strict Terms and Conditions.

All of our work is done completely within your own Google Ads account. This means that the work we do and your account  always stays with you and your business.  Your Google PPC account and its history is a tremendous business asset and we treat it as such.

Your campaigns are always fully accessible, transferable and funded directly. This is the way it is supposed to be. Beware of any agency that tries to do otherwise.

We take the time to understand your business goals, target market, competition, existing marketing efforts, and unique needs — and help you decide whether the results you can realistically expect will far exceed your investment with us.

Our goal in working with you is a to achieve a 3X return on your investment — minimum. If we are not confident we can achieve that for you, then we will gladly refer you to other resources.


Unlike other PPC services, we track your Google Ads account on a daily basis in order to make required adjustments quickly and keep your expenses down. Our monthly reporting provides total transparency and accountability so that you know where every ad dollar is going.

Why Choose Us to Establish and Manage Your Google Ads Account?

Proven Methodology

From the time you submit your client application through project completion — our standard workflow is an organized, streamlined, user-friendly process with predictable milestones and unmatched results.

Exceptional Client Care

We take a uniquely hands-on, personal approach to working with our small business clients. The success of your campaign is our #1 priority, and we will go the extra mile to get results and exceed your expectations.

The Industry Leaders in Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads team is rated by Google as one of only a handful of elite A-Rated teams globally. This status takes into account the profiles of accounts we manage, client feedback, new client volumes and the high average performance index we deliver across the board.

Google Partners: Staying Ahead of the Curve

As a Google Partner, we work closely with Google and enjoy dedicated support from them. Our status means Google has given us unique access to cutting-edge beta tools that very few agencies have access to, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Industry-Standard Best Practices

Large corporations spend millions of dollars per year to test which Google Ads perform and convert best. We take those same proven best-practices and apply them to our own clients’ websites so you can enjoy an “unfair advantage” over your competitors — affordably.


Streamlined Communication

Our process is highly collaborative, and we simplify communication with you through a private online project management account so that you have everything you need to make the project a success all in one place.

With Riptide SEOâ„¢ Google PPC Management, Max Performance Always Comes Standard

The ever-changing complexity of digital advertising campaigns requires genuine expertise to generate worthwhile results.

Riptide SEO’s Google Ads account managers are trained and certified by Google’s own innovators and developers.

We treat our clients the way we would want to be taken care of. Therefore, we deliberately limit the number of clients we serve in order to ensure we can guarantee daily personal attention to your account’s ongoing performance and success.

We work to get you in front of the right audience for the right reason, across the most powerful platform, to ensure every ad dollar is spent as optimally as possible.

Every Google Ads Campaign We Build Includes the Following “ROI Maximizers”

Keyword & Competitor Research

Every campaign begins with researching your market and identifying which keywords offer the best opportunities for generating traffic.

Custom-Tailored Landing Pages

Set the foundation for a more powerful Google Ads campaign with our customized, conversion-optimized landing pages.

Mobile-Optimized Ads

Over half of searches begin on a mobile device. We build all your ads with all the critical extensions that get you better ROI!

Google Analytics Configuration

Your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts will be linked to your Ads account for continuous performance monitoring.

User-Optimized Ad Copy

Your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts will be configured and linked to your website for SEO and traffic monitoring.

Retargeting Campaigns

We ensure that visitors who leave your site before deciding to call don’t forget about you, getting the most out of your campaign.

These Additional “Must Have” Features Come Standard With Every Google Ads Campaign We Build:

  • Google Ads account set-up (if required).
  • You own your account and data: It is yours to keep beyond our time working together.
  • Analytics and Search Console account set-up (if required).
  • Periodic performance reporting (bi-weekly for the first 60 days, then monthly thereafter). This includes an optional 45 minute strategy call (if desired).
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel any time with 30 days’ notice.
  • Ongoing keyword research and optimization, to include use of negative keywords to minimize unnecessary costs.
  • Custom Retargeting Ads across all platforms. We create custom Display Network Ads to maximize your Retargeting Campaign results.
  • Strategic Geo-Targeting. We tailor your campaign to deliver to your best audience, and continue to refine your targeting radius as your results grow.

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It’s amazing what a well-designed, optimally-developed Google Ads campaign can do for your business. The sooner we can get your campaign up and running, the sooner you can start seeing big results.

Don’t wait another minute to finally get it done right!

How We Work: Our Google Ads Campaign Development Process

PHASE ZERO: Preparation
As soon as you send us a client application, we carefully review your submission. If everything looks good, we’ll schedule a free 30-minute Strategy Session to discuss your goals and which solutions would best fit your unique needs.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, you sign a Letter of Agreement and submit your deposit. That’s our cue to get started.

PHASE ONE: Onboarding
The Welcome Packet we send you provides more details about what to expect in working together, and directs you to complete the next steps in our onboarding process. You receive access to your private project management portal.

We’ll schedule an Onboarding Call to answer any questions and ensure we have everything we need to proceed.

PHASE TWO: Strategy
This phase begins with market, keyword, and competitor research. We  schedule a Strategy Session to discuss our findings and recommendations and review your vision.

Based on your preferences we provide you with our recommendations for your campaign configuration.

If you are already have an existing Google Ads account, we review it and provide recommendations for improvement as needed — otherwise, we begin new account and campaign creation at this point.

PHASE THREE: Design and Development
We will present you with recommended campaigns, ad groups, keywords, geographic targeting strategy, and ad copy for each of your ads. Upon your approval, we continue with build-out, until the campaign is ready to launch.

If required, we also build your dedicated ad group landing pages to maximize your conversions.

As soon as your Google Ads campaign is live, we run a thorough performance check to ensure all links and functionality are working properly, and ensure your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts are configured as required to monitor performance.
PHASE FIVE: Results & Growth
Results monitoring, performance assessments, and campaign refinement are ongoing.

Optimization begins on a daily basis. We examine which ad groups and keywords are performing the best, and begin to weed out the ones that aren’t performing as strongly.

Results and growth is an ongoing process to ensure your campaign keeps operating smoothly and returning the best possible ROI.

Don't Wait another Minute to Finally Get Your Google PPC Done right!

Frequently Asked Google Ads Questions

How long does it take for a Google Ads campaign to take effect?
Clients may start getting phone calls right away, but we don’t expect to see notable increases in leads until the end of the first month.

By that time, we have begun to establish your Quality Score and optimize your campaign so that you are appearing at the top of the search results without over-bidding on your Cost Per Click.

I'm new to Google PPC. How long do you recommend I give this a chance to decide if it's right for my business?
We recommend you commit to a campaign for at least three months before you make any decisions about adjusting course.

It generally takes three months for a properly configured Google Ads campaign to “settle in” and build momentum.

The periodic performance reporting we provide you will help you make informed decisions in the best interest of your business’s needs and goals.

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